Saturday, April 3, 2010

Maiko Girls

As a dear friend of mine, Nazmi (nazomci in postcrossing forums) is off to Japan for holidays tomorrow, I decided to upload the pretty Maiko Girl cards I've received till today.

The first one is from higakiyo2 for Make Me Smile RR, Group 3.

The second card shows the tea ceremony by a Maiko Girl and I received it from Little_Flower for our private swap.
The third card is a quite recent one from Cockie for the March 2010 Overflow RR.

The fourth card showing the Maiko Girls on Sanjo Ohashi Bridge of Kyoto came from Junko (kyoto348 in the forums) for March 2010 RR.

The last card is my favourite among all these cards. It shows the Maiko Girls in Autumn-tinted Garden of Kyoto. It is another card from kyoto 348. The card came for February 2010 RR.

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