Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A New Series of Inge Löök's Old Ladies

I had to dig through my huuuge pile of "to be scanned and uploaded" cards to find these Old Ladies cards. I keep asking for more of these cards and from time to time I get upset when I receive duplicates. How can people notice the difference if I don't share what I already have?!? So, here is 3 more of the cards from my Inge Löök collection.

I received the first one from huppu68 for Finland X World tag. I used to hunt a lot for this tag when my moomin and Inge Löök collection was small. It was -21 degrres in Helsinki when the sender wrote this card. It's hard for me to even imagine such a cold weather, especially when it is +32 degrees in Ankara!

The second card is from marja2006 for Tag a Person You Never Tagged Before Tag. Having said "tag" four times already, I realized that it's been quite a while since I tagged someone in the forums. It's mainly because I have joined 3 big groups at the same time and one of them is really big (June 2010 RR --> 75 people). I promise myself and here say it loud that I'll not join any big groups in the forums UNTIL ulvikaru's amazing France X World RR reaches Big Group 200. It has already reached group 189 but it'll take some time till Janek opens and fills Group 200.

Well, it's not that I'm bored with big groups. I still love them but joining three big ones at the same time is insane. When I'm dealing with writing 10 cards/day, I miss other "normal" groups, trade offers and possible swaps. Wow, postcarding is hard :) Among all the big groups I joined, monthly RRs brought me lots of cards from my favourites, just like the one above. It was for March 2010 RR from Anu (MsMoney in the forums). It was signed by several other postcrossers during Helsinki Meetup on March 8, 2010.
I feel so chatty today. Look how much I have written out of three Inge Löök cards :)

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  1. wooohoa, 75??? the last time i joined a big group was one in the Slavic RR (you were in it too)...and with the 30 something participants, it took me almost two months to deal with all the cards (even though we know what the deadline is).
    So since then, its a public secret that big groups are NOT for me, both in terms of time and finances :)

    speaking of temperatures, its 36 degrees here right now and its 7pm...disastrous :(

    btw, despite having uploaded bunch of my cards on my blog or my picasa, i still end up getting duplicates...and yeah, i do get upset each time it happens :)