Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kizhy - Intercession Cathedral (UNESCO WHS)

Last October I saw this card in flickr and marked it as a favourite. In two weeks time I received the very same card from three different users in two countries. I wish it was that easy to access one's favourites all the time.

On the card we see Intercession Cathedral, which was built in 1764. It is wooden and considered as one of the most difficult designs of all monuments of wooden architecture.

The first of my three cards was not frum Russia but was surprisingly from Finland from MsMoney for February 2010 RR.

The second card was from VencSv for France X World RR, Group 146.

The last card was from Kaurry for February 2010 RR but this one is really special as it came with a matching stamp.

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  1. I wish to obtain a copy of this card to give to a friend who collects pictures of wooden churches. It is the most beautiful I have ever seen. There are a couple of large wooden cathedrals in the Carribean, but nothing like this. How can I get a copy of this post card?