Sunday, May 23, 2010

Native Bush, South Island - New Zealand

Dear Annie (Wildfire in the forums) knows how obsessed I am when it comes to New Zealand cards. I receive few cards from her every month and I can't even describe how grateful I am. The card shows a forest-like area. Annie says there is an area very similar to this one near her house. Considering where I live (in a flat in the center of Ankara), it is quite hard for me to imagine living in a place that is walking distance away from a forest like this one on the card.

I don't usually scan stamps. I scan the ones I really like or have a special meaning for me. Sir Edmund on this stamp is special indeed. Annie had used a Sir Edmund stamp on one of her previous cards but it was torn off :( Luckily, this Sir Edmund managed to reach me safely :)


  1. Yay!!!! I am very happy that Sir Ed got to you this time!

  2. Good for Sir Edmund!

    I also expect some cards from New Zealand, I cannot wait to find them in my letter box.