Thursday, May 20, 2010


After almost a year in postcrossing, I must admit that Russians know how to shows the beauties of their country through postcards and stamps. Look at these beautiful cards of Moscow:

The first card is from Olga (ptitsa_olga in the forums) for You Can Choose City View Tag. It shows the Kremlin and the Annunciation Cathedral.

The second card is from Katerina (koshka_red in the forums) for Turkey X World Tag. It shows the Varvarka Street, the Kremlin, view of the Kremlin from the Hotel Balchug, the interiors of the Kremlin and Saviour Cathedral of Kremlin.

The third card is from Tiana for Different Countries RR, Special group 140. The card shows the Cathedral of St. Basil the Blassed in winter.

The last card is from Maria (raima in the forums) for March 2010 RR and it shows the Novodevichy convent of Moscow.

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