Monday, May 17, 2010

Inge Löök Cards - Old Ladies :)

I have been in love with these old ladies cards since I saw them for the first time. It is really hard to choose the best old ladies cards so all of them ended up being my favourites. I generally receive them through official postcrossing from Finnish postcrossers of course ;)

The first card is from Sari (FI-789661). I really loved all the details and the colors of this card.

The second card is from a Finnish lady (FI-784230). The interesting thing is that the sender's husband had received a card from me on the day she was writing my card. Postcrossing is a small world :)


  1. I love them too...and i love postcrossing, was looking for the name who draw this cards and found it on one of the cards, search on google for mor info and came on your blog ;)...hope to get on day a card of her !
    greetings Danielle