Friday, April 23, 2010

Zion Canyon

This slightly damaged card of one of the rock formations of the Zion Canyon came from Debbie (silencedogwood in the forums) for Alphabet RR, Group Z3. Debbie thinks there is a face on this rock but I didn't manage to see it. Can you see?

On the back of the card there is some info: "The Pulpit in the Temple of Sinanawa: The 150 foot tall Pulpit is dwarfed by the 2000 foot walls of Navajo Sandstone which form the great "Temple". It is here that the Virgin River finally cuts through the bottom of the Navajo and strikes the softer Kayenta formation. This softer stone undercuts the Navajo, causing great blocks to shear off along joints in the rock, opening up the canyon. This provides both light and soil for the lush riparian habitat which borders the Virgin River as it flows from here down the length of Zion Canyon."

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