Monday, February 8, 2010

White Horses of England

This Official Postcrossing Card I received today (GB-118555) is one of the most interesting cards I have received. I immediately googled it to learn about what this "white horses" mean.

Literally speaking, a white horse means a horse with a white hair coat but what we see on this card are hill figures. A hill figure, on the other hand, is a large visual representation created by cutting into a steep hillside and revealing the underlying geology. According to wikipedia, there are white horse hill figures mostly in England and some in New Zealand.

On the card what do we see?:
Top Left: Pewsey White Horse
Top Center: Hackpen White Horse
Top Right: Marlborough White Horse
Main Pic: Uffington White Horse
Bottom Right: Cherhill White Horse
Bottom Center: Westbury White Horse
Bottom Left: Milk Hill White Horse

Thank you Suzanne for broadening my mind today :)

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