Thursday, February 11, 2010

Moomins :)

Thanks to postcrossing, I learned about the Moomins. Its cartoons were never on air in Turkey and the books weren't really translated either. I really loved all of the characters and if I have a child one day, I'd like to have her/his bedroom walls painted with characters of the Moomins :)

My first card of moomins is from aliniwe for Europe X World RR, Group 4.

My second card is from manxious in Finland for Finland X World Tag. When I first learned about the moomins, I was a bit obssessed with this tag to find some nice Finnish postcrossers who can send me moomin cards and dear Maija was one of them :)

This one is from my Virtual Tourist and Postcrossing friend, Christina (dj_christina from Bulgaria) for 3+ Stamps Tag. It came with three beautiful Bulgarian stamps.

This is one of my favourite's and it came from AKS for November RR 2009.

The last one for this post is from mindee for Turkey X World Tag.

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