Saturday, February 6, 2010

Golden Gate Bridge

Today when I was tring to sort out my received cards, I found out that Victoria (vejoyce from the forums) sent me five different cards of the Golden Gate Bridge and all of them are truly amazing.

The first card shows the morning fog on San Francisco Bay. The photo was taken back in 1988. It was the card vejoyce had sent to me for Alphabet RR, Group E: E for rising sun in the East :)

The second card is another one with foggy Golden Gate Bridge. This one was from Different Countries RR, Winter Group.

The third one is the coolest. It is from "Request a Color Tag". I had requested blue or orange and vejoyce sent me a card with both colors on it. Thanks to this card I learned that most people think of the Golden Gate Bridge as being "gold" before they actually see it. It is actually "orange". On this card, the orange looks really great against the blue of the sky.

The fourth one is with a patch of cloud within the bridge. (Just Viewcards RR, Group 12).

The last one shows the bridge in the late afternoon sun (I was born here tag).
Thanks to dear Victoria...

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