Thursday, February 4, 2010

Aotearoa (A.K.A. New Zealand)

Another great addition to my great New Zealand collection. I guess it is because I lived with a New Zealander for almost a year that I'm addicted to and in love with all kinds of cards from this country. This time wildfire made me smile (Alphabet RR, Group A2). Actually I wasn't planning to sign in for this RR. When I saw a New Zealander was already in, I just couldn't stop myself and here is the greatest result. What is way better is the fact that wildfire asked me if I wanted to do any further private swaps. Dear Annie, are you kidding? I can swap with a New Zealander as often as s/he asks.

About the card: There was a lot of info on the back:

"New Zealand consists of three main islands in the South Pacific Ocean, the North, South and Stewart Islands, covering an area of approximately 268,000 km2 and having a population of over 3 million people of mainly Maori, European and Polynesian blood.

For all its small size however, New Zealand is a land full of contrasting scenic beauty which makes it unique in the world. High mountains, low plains, fiords, forests, glaciers and roaring rivers abound, most within a short distance of the towns and cities. It is a sportsman's paradise in which any outdoor sport can be accommodated. As New Zealanders say it is God's Own Country."

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  1. Good Morning Pinar!!

    Thanks so much for putting my postcard on your blog!! I will send you a U2U soon!